Understand the Factors that Differentiate Electric Guitars for Sale

Since you’re looking at electric guitars for sale you’re obviously going to want to get the most bang for your buck right? But between the many different models of Fender Squier and Les Paul Special out there (not to mention the numerous other mid-range brands) it can be amazingly difficult to choose a guitar from amongst the crowd.

Sure, you could just go with the more ‘popular’ models – but is that really going to give you the sort of guitar you want? All said and done, the relationship that you have with your guitar is going to be intensely personal, and you should choose a guitar that best fits you and the type of musician you are!

Here and now, you’re going to find out some of the factors that differentiate electric guitars for sale and even choose between that Fender Squier or Les Paul Special you might have your eyes on!

  • Body Style

Generally, electric guitars for sale come in three styles: solid, hollow, and semi hollow. Hollow electric guitars can have an acoustic like sound – but at high level of amplifications they can cause issues. On the other hand, solid electric guitars are ideal for those high levels – and semi hollow is a sort of 50-50 compromise.

  • Single Coil and Double Coil Pickups

No matter how you slice and dice it, your pick ups will contribute to the sound of your electric guitar. Most guitars nowadays have two pick ups, but some still come with just one or a combination of some sort.

  • Neck Profile

When you’re looking at electric guitars for sale – this is the most personal choice you’re going to have to make. The neck profile of your new Fender Squier or Les Paul Special is going to be very important because it affects how easily your hands fit around the neck, and how easily your fingers can move across frets!

  • Frets

Most guitars come with a standard 22 frets (and you’ll find that the Fender Squier and Les Paul Special both do too) however if you’d like to play in higher octaves regularly, you might want to look at electric guitars for sale that come with 24!

  • Materials

While you’re probably not going to have much control over this – the material you’re guitar is made of will affect its sound too. Some materials are more expensive, but that doesn’t automatically mean that they sound better. It is up to you to decide the type of sound you like.

See how many factors affect your choice of electric guitars for sale? It really isn’t as simple as just picking up the very first Fender Squier or Les Paul Special you come across!

At least with the knowledge you now have you should be able to pick up a guitar that really and truly fits in with your desires – and will become part and parcel of your identity as a musician!

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